From Debt to Dynasty:

KPS Real Investment's Pathway to Prosperity

Kennisha PressleySmith
Financial Strategist & Real Estate Professional


KPS Real Investment stands as a premier financial and real estate consulting firm, committed to empowering consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners in attaining their financial and real estate objectives. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses debt elimination, income optimization, tax-free retirement planning, and the establishment of generational wealth.

At the helm of our endeavors is Kennisha, devoted to navigating clients through the complexities of real estate and finance.

In today’s dynamic environment, safeguarding our financial health is of utmost importance. Kennisha’s purpose is to streamline real estate and financial concepts, making them accessible to all individuals.


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Income protection ensures financial stability and tranquility, invaluable in the face of life's uncertainties. Whether unexpected tragedy strikes or in the event of untimely demise, having safeguards in place offers vital income support during times of need.


Creating a legacy of financial security is a profound expression of care for your loved ones. By laying the groundwork for their future prosperity, you ensure they're supported long after you're gone, a testament to your enduring love.


Establishing a robust financial literacy base should commence within the family setting. This online seminar aims to equip you and your family members with essential principles, empowering you to make well-informed financial choices for the future. Topics covered include understanding the mechanics of money, conquering pivotal challenges for financial stability, safeguarding your assets, and beyond.


Are you completely confident about securing a prosperous retirement, or are there lingering uncertainties? Achieving financial security for your future would be significantly simpler if you were liberated from debt. Imagine if I could demonstrate a method to free yourself from debt, including your mortgage, within a timeframe of nine years or less, without requiring any additional expenditure beyond your current means.

If you have any inquiries about my services, wish to address your unique financial requirements, or simply have a query, I’m here to help.

With extensive experience in the industry, I have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with valuable insights and direction.

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